If you’re going to be in South Carolina the weekend of August 4-6, you might want to take advantage of the state’s tax free weekend!

It applies to clothing, shoes, and school supplies and is intended to coincide with parents’ annual back-to-school shopping efforts.   Walmart and Target already have their back-to-school displays up, so if there’s extra room in your car, consider stocking up!

Here are some tax-free weekend shopping tips courtesy of  The State newspaper:

▪  Know what is and isn’t included in the sales tax exemption. To see a complete list, visit thestate.com.

▪  Make a list and stick to the list. Impulse buying will bust the budget and end up soaking up all the savings on the things you really needed.

▪  Scour the web for online coupons from manufacturers. Some offer discounts, free shipping, free items or other sales incentives.

▪  Shop local, too. Big box stores, outlet malls and traditional malls draw a lot of shoppers, but local stores might offer you better deals.